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Things that make you fat aside excessive amounts of food

Some recently made researches analyzing diet habits, average weight and health issues among citizens in Georgia, found that the number of people heading toward obesity is constantly increasing. This is becoming a sort of public health problem and health care providers are coming up with various national strategies suggesting methods of losing weight and changing your diet in order to stay healthy. When talking about obesity problem, we usually target at quantity – too much eating. However, there are things making us fat we don’t even realize, neither consider when addressing the overweight problem. Here’s list of some of these things you should eliminate altogether with excessive amounts of food.

It’s more about ingredients than about the amount

Sure, we will all agree that eating too much will inevitably make you fat. But what about those who consume modest amounts of food, but still fail to lose their weight? The trick is to pay attention to – what you eat. Excessive intake of so-called quickly-burning sugars and saturated fats is a certain way of getting fat even if you take small meals. Also, carefully read the labels and avoid the foods with additives, a lot of salt and mixtures of several types of sugar.

Break the link between your food and your mood

This has been the topic of many types of research lately, since too many people often use food as a compensatory mechanism for their stress levels, depressive mood or any other emotional state. If you spot this sort of link between your diet and psychological issues, it’s much better to use the therapy and counseling to find a healthier method of dealing with mood swings than to reflect them onto your diet and consequentially your obesity issue.

Sleep, room temperature and your close friends

Yup, believe it or not, all of these three are potentially making you fat. Chronic lack of sleep makes you weak, exhausted and running out of energy, which you might try to compensate by increased intake of high-energy meals. Mild low room temperature boosts your metabolism and helps you burn the calories, so check your thermometer. Finally, surrounding yourself with obese friends might come as a good excuse for not losing your weight. Don’t break the friendships, just the wrong connection you’re using subconsciously.